SURGE Cultural Panel

Voices Behind China’s One-Child PolicyVoice Behind One Child Policy

In the Culture Event hosted in December, SURGE conducted a discussion about the former One-Child Policy in China. We were honored to have Ms. Melissa Ludtke, an award-winning journalist and Yankee Quill Award winner, as our guest speaker. During the event, Ms. Ludtke talked about her book and education series: Touching Home in China, which is a project on the influence of the One-Child Policy, and the experience of her own beloved daughter Maya who was adopted from China. In addition to Ms. Ludtke, Jiahe Chi, a Chinese senior and former member of SURGE, shared his insights on how the policy changed the lifestyle and perspectives of urban and rural populations in China.



Same, Same But Different – Dec. 3rd, 201410687235_307021046169375_8069628181002819209_o

“Same, Same But Different” was held in Olin 11, during open block from 12 to 1pm on Wednesday, December 3rd. Four Chinese and American students who have lived in both China and America shared their experiences dealing with cultural and ideological differences between the two cultures. Their different backgrounds and stories offered insights on various aspects of Eastern and Western cultures, and was inspiring to those who have similar experiences and who are interested in studying abroad.