Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

This semester (Fall 2015), SURGE hosts conversations on issues relevant to China-US Relations every two weeks.  We meet on Mondays at 7:00 PM in Olin Hall Room 112.  All are welcome to join in the discussion!


1/23/2015: Chinese Environmental Issue

Remember the documentary Under The Dorm? Shocked by the severer air pollution in China presented in that documentary? SURGE will be discussing Chinese environmental issues this time. In light of the COP21 conference which will begin in a week, we will be discussing China’s climate pledge at COP21 which shows China’s commitment to undertake significant CO2 abatement. Read this article to get started!

11/09/2015: US-China cybersecurity pact

On September 25th, the United States and China agreed to prevent cyberattacks on one another. While at first glance, this pact may seem like a big victory for the United States, some experts estimate over 80% of all information thefts targeting American businesses emanate from China. This pact actually appears to be more political posturing than a substantive agreement, and in some ways may aggravate matters.


10/26/2015: Made In China

What’s good, scholars?

This week’s discussion is going to be centered around the implications that mass Chinese production and export have on American and Chinese consumerism.

Interesting, easy-read article to get you started.

10/13/2015: China’s encroachment of the Pacific Ocean

This week, SURGE will be holding our discussion meeting on Tuesday and  we will be discussing China’s encroachment of the Pacific Ocean (Japan’s remilitarization and the precarious position it puts their common allies, the US). And here is the link to the article we will be using: