2022 Annual China-US Symposium

Welcome to the 14th Annual China-U.S. Symposium. This two-day academic conference is held every spring at Tufts. Our goal is to foster academic understanding of China and cultivate cooperation between students and experts from different backgrounds and cultures. We wish to create a unique crossroads of ideas, experiences, and people that characterize Tufts University to promote an atmosphere of deep analysis and critical awareness.

This year’s theme is “Containment and Engagement”. China and the US have clashed on nearly every front: from technology, environmental policies, human rights, security, and media censorship. The Biden administration has made it clear its intention to pursue strategic competition with China. Yet at the same time, opportunities for engagement and cooperation exist. There are many areas where the two superpowers must cooperate for the interests of the global community: the global health crisis and climate change, to name some. We hope that this symposium will provide a platform for all to consider and better understand these issues and the future of Sino-US relations.

In case you missed it, here is where you can rewatch our recorded keynote lecture by Brian Wong, who is the founding Editor-in-Chief of Oxford’s Political Review.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXJTeuiOOtE

Here is the link to the program pamphlet!

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