SURGE is committed to spreading knowledge and educating students about China U.S. relations not only through the China U.S. Symposium but through a number of different events. Below is a list of our past events ranging from guest lectures to trivia nights.

Guest Lectures:

Professor Joseph Fewsmith 11/7/2017

The Communist Party of China recently concluded its 19th National Party Congress, with Xi Jinping re-elected as General Secretary. In the Politburo Standing Committee comes five new members, with no clear “successor” in sight.

What do the events of the 19th Congress mean for China’s internal governance going forward? How should the world respond to President Xi’s opening address?

Come hear from Prof. Joseph Fewsmith of Boston University on 7 November. He is a renowned scholar on China, having written or edited eight monographs himself, and for many other scholarly journals including Asian Survey, The China Journal and The China Quarterly. He is also an associate of the John King Fairbank Center for East Asian Studies at Harvard University and the Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer Range Future at Boston University.

Dr. John Park examines North Korea 10/13/2017

Dr. John Park is speaking on the North Korean nuclear situation, the role of sanctions, and cooperation with China. This event is cohosted by Tufts SURGE and the John Quincy Adams Society.

Dr. John Park is Director of the Korea Working Group and an Adjunct Lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School. He advises Northeast Asia policy-focused officials at the Departments of Defense, State, and the Treasury, as well as on the National Security Council and Congressional committees.


Dialogue with professor & students from Peking University: China-Russia Relationship 2/27/2015

In cooperation with EPIIC, SURGE conducted a dialogue with Professor Guihai Guan, Associate Dean, School of International Studies, Peking University about China-Russia relations and how these relations also impact the U.S. In addition to Professor Guihai Guans discussion, two graduate students from Peking University presented their recent research also related to China-Russia relations.


Professor Michael Beckley Fishbowl 10/28/2014

Professor Beckley (our wonderful SURGE Advisor) will be discussing why, in his view, the “Rise of China” does not necessarily mean a decline in power for the US. He will argue why resolving the question is crucial for US policy makers in order to effectively plan future decisions regarding US stance towards China, whether through economic constraint, or managing the rise of China via maintaining liberal economic policy. His own research has shown a trend discussing why the rise of China does not spell an end to US dominance, and the relatively beneficial outcomes of the current status quo, and he makes suggestions on how to best formulate US policy towards China based on empirical analysis.


Kathleen DeBoer Lecture 10/7/2014

We will be hearing Kathleen DeBoer, Deputy Head of the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development’s Washington Center, discuss the increasingly relevant issue of economic cooperation between the US and China. She will be providing insight both through her work with the OECD and her time living and teaching in Nanjing, China.


Cultural Panel:

Same, Same But Different

“Same, Same But Different” in Olin 11, during open block from 12 to 1pm on Wednesday, December 3rd. Four Chinese and American students who have lived in both China and America will be sharing their experiences dealing with cultural and ideological differences. Their different backgrounds and stories will offer insights on various aspects of Eastern and Western cultures, and will be inspiring to those who have similar experiences and who are interested in studying abroad.

Game Show Trivia:

Trivia night hosted by SURGE and JCC were multiple student club teams such as Allies and Tufts Hemispheres participated in trivia and Japanese game show style events in order to avoid elimination!! WMFO were the winners of the 1st annual Trivia Night, check out the video under photos and videos!!

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