Paul Huang, Taiwanese Defense Journalist Presentation

On September 17, Tufts SURGE held their second GIM via Zoom and invited Paul Huang, a Taiwanese defense journalist who conducts research on China’s military and global influence operations, to speak about Taiwan’s unpreparedness for war with China. For the first half of the meeting, Huang gave a presentation about his article “Taiwan’s Military Has Flashy American Weapons but No Ammo,” which was promptly followed by a thirty-minute Q & A session.

He claimed that in the event China and Taiwan do go to war, Taiwan would be grossly underprepared due to its severe shortage of soldiers and lack of a functional reserve system. In fact, he even asserted that the addition of American weapons would only exacerbate, rather than quell, the problems Taiwan’s military is already facing.

To read his article in its entirety, click the link below! Also, be sure to follow our facebook page to stay up to date on our future events and guest speakers!

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